Zebra G and Phosbronze Flex Fountain Pens

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    The Manga Zebra G titanium nib  and the Phosbronze nib are fitted with a custom multi-fissure ebonite feed that provides a steady flow of ink to the nib, supported by a wide mouthed converter, that helps keep up with the ink demands of the nib, for flex writing styles. These nib options are available with Osprey Milano, Scholar and Madison models. 
    11 products
    Milano Zebra G Fountain Pen
    Scholar Zebra G Fountain Pen
    Madison Manga Zebra G Fountain Pen
    Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
    Flexpert - Zebra G Titanium nib Assembly
    Osprey Pens
    Manga Zebra G Titanium Nib Unit
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    Phosbronze Flex nib w/ reservoir
    Zebra G (titanium coated) dip nib fitted with reservoir for dip pens
    10 Pack set Zebra G nib (Titanium coated) for 'Flexpert'
    Zebra G Titanium Nibs - 3, 5 or 10 pack
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    Reservoir for Dip Nibs
    Osprey Pens Quick swap nib-block for Flexpert ( Zebra G nib swap)
    Osprey Pens Nib-Block Kit for easy maintenance of flex nibs
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    Replacement Zebra G Ebonite Feeds
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