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    Here you will find the replacement parts for the models we sell : osprey custom converters, ebonite Zebra G feeds, Nib block, stainless steel nib inserts and flanges, etc.
    7 products
    Osprey Nib protector (Large and Regular, set of 2)
    from $1.00
    Osprey Pens Quick swap nib-block for Flexpert ( Zebra G nib swap)
    Osprey Pens Nib-Block Kit for easy maintenance of flex nibs
    Replacement Zebra G Ebonite Feeds
    Osprey Rubber Grip to remove Nibs and feeds from a fountain pen
    Osprey Rubber Grip (set of 2)
    Osprey threaded Converter ( without spring)
    Osprey 2-pc Nib Unit protector
    Mini  International Converter - Generic
    Mini International Converter - Generic
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