#5.5 Ultra-Flex Steel Nibs

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    The Size 5.5 Ultra-flex steel nib is fitted with a single fissure ebonite feed. Ebonite feeds help keep up with the added ink demands of calligraphy. Line widths (down strokes) associated with the nib size: extra-Extra-Fine (EEF) – 0.45mm, Extra-Fine (EF) – 0.55mm, Fine – 0.65mm, Medium – 0.75mm, Broad – 0.9mm-1mm and up to 2mm when fully flexed. Osprey Size 5.5 Ultra-flex steel nibs fit the Osprey Milano, Scholar and Madison Fountain Pen models.

    Flex nibs are for ardent calligraphy users! We offer a choice of a Zebra g flex nib, Phosbronze flex , size 5.5 ultra-flex and size 6 ultra-flex stainless-steel nibs with different tip sizes.  

    1 product
    Replacement #5.5 Ultra-flex steel Nib Units - EEF, EF, F, Med, B
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