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Milano Fountain Pen with Standard and Flex Nib Options-Red Jasper

  • $82.00


Osprey Pens Milano Measurements:

  • Length (capped): 142.0 mm/5.59″
  • Diameter (section): 10.6 – 11.4 mm/0.41″ – 0.45″
  • Weight (all): 26 g 

Items Included:

  • Milano Fountain Pen
  • Custom Converter
  • Nib block kit
  • 5ml Ink Sample

Two Nib Options: Bundle and save! Here you have a choice of a clip color (gold and chrome plated) and a variety of nib sizes in gold and chrome plated options, to customize your pen with desired choices. The pen comes with a converter.

After you have selected the clip color, further customize your Milano fountain pen to suit your budget and personal writing/drawing/sketching needs, by selecting the nib(s) of your choice:

  1. Standard Nibs are great for everyday writing. They come in a size 6 and are designed to accept international standard converters or pre-filled ink cartridges, giving you the flexibility to use either bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridge. If you want to order the fountain pen with just the Standard nib, select a nib of your choice from the Standard Nib options dropdown menu and select ‘None’ for the Flex Nib option
  2. Flex nibs are for ardent calligraphy users! We offer a choice of a Zebra g flex nib or a size 5.5 stainless steel flex nib with different tip size. If you want to order the fountain pen with just a Flex nib, select a nib of your choice within the Flex Nib options and select ‘None’ from the Standard Nib options
  3. If you want to purchase both, a standard nib and a flex nib, then select a value from each of the options presented. We will fit your Scholar fountain pen with the selected standard nib and include the stand-alone Flex-nib with a converter in your order. You can simply unscrew the section from the barrel to swap between these two units.
    If you choose options 2 or 3 above, your order will also include: a) An improvised nib block kit that helps in easy disassembly and assembly of the Flex nib & feed to clean when the pen gets clogged over time/use b) A 2ml sample of Noodler's Black ink, to test the unit for performance upon arrival.
    Flexpert – User Instructions pamphlet.

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Customer Reviews

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