Black Scholar (Steel or Gold Trim)

Black Scholar (Steel or Gold Trim)
Black Scholar (Steel or Gold Trim)
Black Scholar (Steel or Gold Trim)
SCHOLAR - BLACK with Standard and Flex nib options
SCHOLAR - BLACK with Standard and Flex nib options

Black Scholar (Steel or Gold Trim)

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The Black Scholar is available in 2 variations: The steel trim or gold trim, both of which have black end caps. This listing allows you to choose a steetrim or gold trim to be outfitted with your Scholar. Note that the steel clip may come with a different imprint than what is shown in the pictures.

One Pen, Many nibs: Choice of Additional Nibs:

 Keeping in line with the Osprey philosophy of interchangeable nib units, a wide variety of nib units are offered below that will work with this pen.  Click on the hyperlinked choices to learn more about the nibs.

  • Choose from Osprey Regular Size 6 nib units in Steel or 2ToneAll Regular nibs used for everyday writing, come with a plastic feed and accept international standard converters or pre-filled ink cartridges, giving you the flexibility to use either bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridge. The pen is fitted with an Osprey custom converter by default and is packaged in a premium pen box.
  • #6 Steel  Economical Special Grinds such as the Architect Broad, Architect BB, Zoom BB, Broad Left-Oblique or Broad Right-Oblique, Broad-Stub or Double Broad Stub. Similar to the Regular Size 6 nibs, the Speciality Grind nibs also accept international standard converters or pre-filled ink cartridges, giving you the flexibility to use either bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridge or use with Osprey custom converter. 
  •  #5.5 Ultra-flex#6 Ultra-flex (second generation)Zebra G or Titanium Ultra-flex assemblies:  Ultra-flex (UF) nibs are for ardent calligraphy users! You can purchase these as complete assembly for a seamless plug & play experience, or buy just nib units to swap. The assembly consists of an ultra-flex nib unit of your choice, which threads into the Outer Section of the pen, and comes with an Osprey converter. Only fountain-pen friendly inks  are recommended to avoid clogging the feed.

All ultra-flex and Zebra G nib units come with ebonite feed. Size 5.5 Ultra-flex, Zebra G Flex and Titanium Ultra-flex are non-cartridge type, meaning they do not take any prefilled ink cartridges or international converters. They are made to work with custom Osprey converters. Size 6 Ultra-flex nib units (second generation) on the other hand, take both, cartridge or  converter, which means you can use prefilled ink cartridges or use bottled ink.

    If you choose #5.5Ultra-flex or Zebra G flex nib-units/assemblies, be sure to add a nib-block kit , if you don't already have one. You can download a maintenance guide that helps in easy disassembly and assembly, when the feeds get clogged over time with use. The nib block does not accommodate size 6 nibs, you will instead need to use the grip provided in the kit for disassembly and assembly.

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    Black Scholar (Steel or Gold Trim)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Ryen O
    Flexpert is perflext

    I am stoked to have found Osprey. I bought the Scholar (black) with a couple nib assemblies. The design is simple and classic, and the subtlety of the brand engravings are perfect. Personally I can't stand bulky or heavy pens, and this one is really strikingly light.

    More importantly though, their flexpert-zebra assembly is THE pen that I'd been looking for. I've tried several methods/pens that are adapted to feed untipped nibs on a fountain pen, but theirs is the only one where I haven't had to monkey with it constantly and replace bits just to keep them in a mostly-working state. Given that, this piece works immeasurably better than I was anticipating. It has consistently worked perfectly through its first few refills so far. No effort, just a perfectly fed nib without dipping or dripping.

    I also bought one of their dip pens, which is indeed beautiful, but which I now feel like I may never have to use again. (If there were a flexpert for Hunt Imperial or Gillott, for example, that would probably be true.)

    Recommended highly for the untipped fans.

    Jeffrey Jessie

    There is nothing about this pen that I don’t love. The weight is light and not burdensome on the hand. The nibs are all smooth and perform every single time. I never have any issues out of this pen. Whether I have just inked it or if it has sat unused for a week it performs perfectly every time.

    I have a few extra nibs for my scholar with the special nib collar to fit. My favorite is the Esterbrook nibs for this pen. Ultra fine writing with perfect ink flow and no hard starts or skipping. It’s beautiful and performs perfectly every time. I reach for my scholar more than pens by larger brands 9 out of 10 times. Comfort and performance makes this a daily carry for me.

    Mike K on Oct 03, 2019
    Mike K Review Scholar

    Few pen companies can match Osprey's value proposition, and fewer still can say that their very act of selling affordable, quality writing instruments has a direct positive impact on childhood education. The aptly named Scholar is a great fountain pen with a fantastic nib. It is a reliable workhorse that gives me tremendous satisfaction to use. And if you have a problem with this or any of their pens, Osprey's customer service is second to none.

    Zebra g insert is amazing!

    They give you 2 sections!! One is made from acrylic and the other cab. Throw out or use the acrylic one, this modular fountain pens is my most flexible and useful purchase for the money. I have so multiple flexperts so I can swap. Osprey Pens are made for real writers who love to switch up the pens. My favorite pen and I did not need to waste 3bills to get it!!

    Decent pen, but stinks

    The pen holds nicely in the hand, not too small unlike another company that offers dip G nibs onto a fountain pen converter and feed. However, the nib section doesn't screw on to the body well. It does one of those that will reach maximum tightness but if you continue to turn it'll keep going and loses its tightness again. Also the material used to make the section smells terribly, much similar to a Noodler's Ahab smell.

    The sections in our pen models in 2021 are all made out of acrylic or Ebonite and have since discontinued the use of the material that smells. If you are getting any smell, pls air the pen out and that should release the smells.