JoWo® compatible Fountain Pens and Nib units

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    The Fountain Pens listed in this collection will take Jowo Original nib units and Osprey JoWo compatible nib units. Please note that the JoWo compatible nibs offered by osprey are not original JoWo nibs. This collection is about Osprey steel, gold-plated and 2T nibs, fitted into JoWo compatible housings.

    JoWo is a trademark of JoWo Berliner Schreibfeder GmbH and is being referenced here to show case the same.


    We are offering the Titanium Ultra-flex in a JoWo-compatible housing, fitted in an Osprey Fountain Pen. The Titanium Ultra-flex  nibs work best with  the Osprey custom converters. If you choose to use this nib unit in any other pen that accepts JoWo nib units, you will need to use that pen in an eye-dropper mode.

    1 product
    Jowo Compatible #6 Steel EEF, EF, F, Med, B, BB
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