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Please make sure to support the kind locations and businesses that carry our brand of products. Please note, if there are any Osprey Pens brand of products that are out of stock or unavailable from a certain location, make-sure to enquire whether they currently offer dropship fulfillment through Osprey Pens. Some locations have elected this option for certain products that may be out of stock*.

*This relates to only Osprey Pens branded products excluding inks. Our small selection of inks on our website are purchased from other brands/manufacturers and carried on our website for our CSR program and to show users what types of inks work well with our products. Our dropship option is possible only with Osprey Pens branded products(excluding inks) and is offered as an elective option at the discretion of our locations.   

Below are the list of authorized businesses that currently carry the Osprey Pens brand of products. We appreciate and value your feedback regarding your experience dealing with any of our amazing partners. Please note our products are available only through authorized Osprey Pens Location as per below list.  

You can always send us an inquiry or feedback to 

Please report or let us know if you notice sale of our products from unauthorized locations.


The CSR Impact calculator application will be periodically updated in 2020 to reflect the CSR matching portion of any Osprey Pens products purchased or ordered through our locations in 2020. Please note this only applies to Osprey Pens branded products.