Indigraph Pens

Introducing a fountain pen that can use India Inks and not get clogged! AMAZING!! Create Waterproof documents , drawings, illustrations with this pen.

Osprey Pens have been appointed the exclusive distributor of Indigraph Fountain pens for USA, to bring their innovative pen technology into your hands. The patented technology allows the use of India inks in a fountain pen and not worry about destroying your nib and feed.  Ergonomically designed, this pen at 145mm in length is a fine tool for artists, calligraphers, illustrators and anyone who loves working with various types of Inks, particularly India Inks.

While using this type of ink, when the ink dries, a waterproof film of shellac is created which protects the drawing from water, making it ideal for working with water colors or inking comics, among other graphic arts.