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2-in-1 Dip Penholder - DarkGreen-Black , OliveGreen-Black ripple ebonite

  • $14.00

Osprey Penholders are available in 3 variations:

1) Straight penholders  - comes fitted with a rust proof, stainless steel nib insert ( also called the ferrule). 

2) Oblique penholders: comes fitted with a rust proof, stainless steel flange to hold the dip nib

3) 2-in-1 penholder: The  design accommodates to be used as either an oblique holder or a straight penholder. Simply insert the dip nib into the inbuilt nib insert  to use as a straight penholder, or slide the stainless steel flange ( included with the purchase) and insert the dip nib to use as an oblique holder. 

Pair it with our inexpensive dip nibs  or simply buy just the shaft by choosing 'none' & 'none' for other dip nib and nib insert.

Add a spare nib insert - such as the stainless-steel (SS)  flange for your other Oblique or the 2-in-1 penholders in your collection, or the stainless-steel (SS) nib insert for the straight penholder. Mitchel reservoirs are a great addition to any dip nib to retain more ink allowing you to write for longer. 

Please expect some variation in pattern and color from what is shown in the picture.

Weight:  12 Grams / 0.4 Oz

Length: approx 6 inches/ 15cms