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Stainless Steel Ferrule

  • $1.00

Osprey Pens is proud to present the the first of its kind in the market - a rust proof stainless steel ferrule for dip pens and calligraphy straight holders.

A ferrule is like a modular insert but for your dip pen. The Osprey Pens SS ferrule is priced very inexpensively. Artists and Calligraphers love to have multiple ferrules to be able to easily swap or switch between dip nibs on their holders. If you are purchasing an Osprey Straight holder, make-sure to pick up a few extra ferrules if you like using multiple.

The Osprey Pens SS ferrule is designed with the same dimensions as standard universal ferrules. It can fit any year Osprey Pens dip holders and most straight holders that are able to use standard universal ferrules. 2019 Osprey Acrylic and Ebonite dip holders come fitted with our new SS ferrule. This replacement spare ferrule is now available to fit your older Osprey Pens dip holder models. It also makes a great backup ferrule for most straight holders.