Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen

Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen
Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen

Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen

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Osprey Madison Zebra G Fountain Pen with Osprey Converter

The Madison Fountain pen now comes in 4 beautiful colors -Translucent Red, Translucent Blue, Clear demonstrator and Nimbus ( black & white). Choose a color and outfit it with a Zebra G nib.

The pen is fitted with a Manga Zebra G titanium nib and a triple fissure custom ebonite feed, that provides a steady flow of ink to the nib, supported by a wide mouthed custom converter, that helps keep up with the ink demands of the nib, for flex writing styles. The pen comes with this converter, packaged in a premium pen box, along with a tool kit for easy maintenance.

-Do not use India Inks or highly pigmented inks, or it will clog the ebonite feed.
-Use bottled fountain pen inks that are Ph neutral in composition.
-If you encounter rail-roading, flush your pen thoroughly using a pen cleaning solution (ammonia and distilled water with a dash of dish-soap mixed in water)
-Feel free to write to us with questions at, we respond promptly to all your queries.

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Customer Reviews

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Great pen, amazing service

Pen works great with standard line variation. Goes from .1mm to 1.6mm with Pilot Iroshizuku tsuki-yo ink. I certainly need to figure out how to do calligraphy, but first try was as good as can be.

The pen came with very detailed instructions and everything needed for maintenence.

I highly recommend this pen and company for the quality product and amazing attention to detail each package comes with.

I did no prep-work to the nib. Just inked up and tried it out.

Writing sample (new to calligraphy), is on rhodia 90gsm paper, Osprey Madison Zebra G nib with Pilot Iroshizuku ink.

Steven hughes
First and last time

I ordered my pen 4\4\24 got an email on 4\6 saying my order would be shipped the following Monday 4\9 come Wednesday 4\11 it wasn't until I emailed osprey asking where my order was and they shipped it snail mail through the USPS which will by estimates will be here 4\15 even though I paid the almost $10 for 2 day ups shipping. If they can't get an order out within the day specified and with the wrong shipper no less wtf is the pen gonna look and write like. This this my first, last and only order with osprey no matter what the pen is like.

M. Mathey

I've spent a fair amount of time making a Zebra G work well in an Ahab, so I was really curious when I saw this pen, and ordered one on the spot. It does not disappoint, and in fact exceeds expectation! They've clearly put a lot of time and effort into getting this right. I plan to get another, so I can keep one filled with black ink, plus have another to use with colors. Highly recommended, if you like G nibs and want to be freed from dippin'!


Nice looking pen. Feels great in the hand. Still working on figuring out the nib. I need practice with the it.

Patty Bartlett
Great Pen for Drawing

I bought this pen a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed drawing with it. If you like to use a Zebra G nib, but don’t enjoy the struggle to cram one into a fountain pen not designed for it, this pen is The Answer. A Zebra G fits beautifully on its generous ebonite feed.
I washed the nib and feed in soapy water when I first got the pen and it has worked reliably ever since. (I am using Noodler’s Polar Black ink.)
When I received the pen in the mail, the package also contained a small bag of accessories: a nib block, a rubber grip, a sample of Noodler’s black ink, and clear instructions for using the pen.
The Madison is well made and comes apart completely for cleaning. The cap posts securely. It’s a pretty colour. What else can I say? Love this pen!