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Zebra G Titanium Nibs - 3, 5 or 10 pack

  • $10.00

If your Zebra G nib used in the Fountain Pen corrodes over time, you can buy this ten or five or three  pack  Zebra G (titanium coated) Nibs for  use as replacements. For instructions on how to swap nibs - please see our youtube video "How to replace Zebra G Nib in a Flexpert"

The titanium coating on the Tachikawa Zebra G nib gives it a longer life. To further prolong the life of the Nib, we recommend flushing the nib unit after multiple uses, if not after every use. When used in a fountain pen, flush the entire flexpert assembly with Pen cleaning solution ( couple of drops of household ammonia + couple of drops of dish soap + water), in between pen uses and if not using the pen for long periods of time . If using as a Dip nib in a penholder, we recommend that you wipe down and clean the Zebra G nib after use. Typically, the nib starts to rust if it comes in contact with any liquid (water, ink, etc), so wipe and keep it dry when not using.

This 10 pack of Zebra G nib singles can be used on either Osprey Pens Zebra G Flexpert Unit or in other dip holders.