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Jowo Compatible Special Grind - Broad - Left Oblique and Right Oblique

  • $13.00

Osprey Pens introduces Jowo compatible special grind nibs: Broad Right Oblique and Broad Left Oblique

Oblique: An Oblique tip is where a conventional rounded tip (like in a Standard Size 6 Broad nib as an example) is ground flat at an angle of 15 degrees. If the angle is made from top right to lower left, the nib is a Left Oblique (think of the shape of your left foot and hence also called Left-foot Oblique), and if the angle goes from top left to lower right then it’s a Right Oblique (also referred to as a right-foot oblique) nib.

Left Obliques are most comfortable for right handers. Expect the line widths to be more subtle. The rotation of the pen in the fingertips is key. If you are right-handed, rotate the grip section (and thus the nib) towards your thumb. This position keeps the flat edge of the nib properly on the paper as you write. Similarly, if you are left-handed, rotate the grip section (and thus the nib) towards your pinky finger.

When using a right oblique, reverse the grip position by rotating to the right.

These Nib Unit works with pre-filled ink cartridges or with bottled ink using a converter (any generic international or Osprey threaded converter will work with this threaded insert).