Special Grind - Size 6 Steel Zoom BB

Special Grind - Size 6  Steel Zoom BB
Special Grind - Size 6  Steel Zoom BB

Special Grind - Size 6 Steel Zoom BB

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Osprey Pens introduces special grind nib: Zoom BB (Zoom Double Broad)

With a Zoom nib, line variations depend on the angle at which it is held, low angle gives thick lines, high angle (almost perpendicular to the paper) produces fine or thin lines. Good nib for sketching as it generally writes wet, especially for someone that likes medium to broad strokes. Flipping the nib to get thinner lines is always fun! From changing the angles from 15 to 45 to 90, you can get thick to medium to fine lines, which means you can almost get 3 different nib point writings with this one nib!!

The nib is fitted with a plastic feed. This Nib Unit works with pre-filled ink cartridge or with bottled ink using generic international converter, or with the Osprey custom converter.  Keeping in line with the modularity offered for Osprey Pens, this threaded nib insert is interchangeable among the Milano, Scholar or Madison

Note: You need a Madison2 Section, if you wish to fit this on a Madison pen you may have bought previously. Click here for more details.


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