#6 Ultra-flex Steel Nib Units and Assemblies

#6 Ultra-flex Steel Nib Units and Assemblies

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This listing is for the Osprey second generation Size 6 Ultra-flex Steel Nib units and Assemblies.

The first generation Size 6 ultra-flex nibs were made available with just the Osprey Madison model, with the nib and ebonite feed friction fit directly into the Madison outer section. Now with an improved nib and feed design in the second generation, we are able to extend this offering to other pen models such as the Milano and the Scholars. The improved design boasts of a custom ebonite feed with tail, and a threaded housing that allows for interchangeability  between models, and fits the Osprey Milano, the Scholar and the Madison model of pens.

The nib unit can be used with bottled ink or pre-filled ink cartridges, as ebonite feed with tail can accept a cartridge or a converter, giving many folks the advantage of writing with ultra-flex nibs using either a cartridge or a converter. 

Typically, most suppliers in the market place sell Ultra-flex nib units with a plastic feed. We are one of the handful of folks that give an ebonite feed  with an ultra-flex nib. An ebonite feed works with a wider range of inks and is able to keep up with the ink demands of a flex nib, unlike a plastic feed.

If you have purchased an Osprey Milano, Scholar or Madison fountain pen, you can now buy replacement Size 6 Ultra-flex assemblies or just a nib unit.The assemblies cost $28, while the replacement nib units are priced at $24. The additional parts that come with the assembly are the generic outer section and the wide-mouthed custom osprey converter, that you don't get with just buying the nib unit.

If you are buying an assembly for the Madison series, it comes with a generic Clear outer section, and if you are buying for a Scholar or a Milano, it comes with a generic Black outer section.

Do not use India Inks, they can clog the ebonite feeds. Fountain Pen inks are recommended. Few examples of inks that work best with the Zebra G or Stainless steel  ultra-flex or the Titanium ultra-flex are :  The Noodlers standard Black , Platinum carbon Black, D’Artremis document Black ink, Pilot Iroshizuku line of inks, Rohrer & Klingner SketchINK. 

Send us an email to info@ospreypens.com if you have any questions.

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