Special Grind - Size 6 Stub B, Chrome Finish

Special Grind - Size 6 Stub B, Chrome Finish

Special Grind - Size 6 Stub B, Chrome Finish

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Osprey Pens introduces custom grind nib: Broad-Stub

Stub: A Stub nib tipping material is ground flat on the end. This type of a nib produces a narrow line on the cross stroke, broad on the down stroke. It mimics calligraphy (without doing anything different!) unlike flex nibs, which require pressure to change the line width. A stub nib is (usually) a broad nib that has a flat end but smoothly rounded corners. 

Keeping in line with the interchangeable philosophy, this threaded nib insert fits nicely into a Milano, Scholar or Madison Sections. (note: if ordering for a Madison, pls make sure you have the Madison section2 that has internal threads. You can always order here  anytime).

These Nib Unit works with pre-filled ink cartridges or with bottled ink using a converter (any generic international or Osprey threaded converter will work with this threaded insert).

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