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Straight Penholder -DarkGreen and Black Ripple Ebonite

  • $12.00

A practical straight holder, the dip-pen is easy to use for students /beginners who are learning analog writing. Affordably priced, this versatile holder allows you to use virtually any modern fountain pen nib, calligraphy, or vintage dip-nib.

Our eco-friendly Osprey holders are machined from solid ebonite (hard rubber) and fitted with a unique corrosion resistant stainless-steel ferrule. The Ebonite construction allows the holder to resist staining inks and survives extended use (which comes in handy for school or group calligraphy programs - contact us for a special offer for group programs). 

Pair it with our inexpensive dip nibs  or simply buy just the shaft.

Please expect some variation in pattern and color from what is shown in the picture.

Weight:  12 Grams / 0.4 Oz

Length: approx 6 inches/ 15cms

Check out this amazing Urushi project from Jan using our Ebonite Holder! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review