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Milano Zebra G Fountain Pen

  • $82.00

Note: We are currently our of stock on the Black Chased, Semper-fi and Kalahari. Black-Chased along with a new Ebonite color will be in stock by middle of Feb.

Inspired by vintage flat top pens of yesteryear, the Milano is machined from beautiful Acrylic and Ebonite material. Ebonite is a natural hard rubber, expect to see slight variation from the pictures (no two pens are alike!). See the complete range of available Milano colors in this listing.

Offered in a wide variety of Milano colors, match the pen with a choice of a gold-plated clip or a chrome plated clip. Comes packaged in a premium pen box, with complete instructions, along with a Nib-block Kit, that helps in easy disassembly and assembly of the flex nib and feed. The Kit also includes a 2ml sample of Noodler's Black ink, to test the unit for performance upon arrival.

Osprey Pens Milano Measurements:

  • Length (capped): 142.0 mm/5.59″
  • Diameter (section): 10.6 – 11.4 mm/0.41″ – 0.45″
  • Weight (all): 26 g 

Items Included:

  • Milano Fountain Pen
  • Custom Converter
  • Nib block kit
  • 5ml Ink Sample

Single-Nib option: Here you have the option of getting a Zebra G fountain pen with a  choice of not just a pen color but also have the choice of a clip color (gold and chrome plated). 

The Tachikawa Zebra G titanium nib is fitted with a custom multi-fissure ebonite feed that provides a steady flow of ink to the nib, supported by a wide mouthed converter, that helps keep up with the ink demands of the nib, for flex writing styles. This complete assembly consisting of the thread-able ‘nib-feed-converter’ system is available for purchase as spares.

  • Get the flexibility of a Zebra G titanium nib coupled with copious supply of ink, for uninterrupted writing or sketching
  • Milano is best suited for folks who prefer a more heavy/ full feel when writing with a pen
  • Do not use India Inks or highly pigmented inks, or it will clog the feed. Use bottled fountain pen friendly inks that are Ph neutral in composition
  • Zebra G titanium nibs, feeds and converters are available as spares. Replacement/ maintenance is easy using the tools we provide.

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