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Indigraph Steel Fountain pen with Fude nib

  • $127.00

 This Fude nib is a special custom grind offering from Indigraph, using JOWO EF nib

Indigraph, allows the use of India inks. What’s special about this? While using this type of ink, when the ink dries, a waterproof film of shellac is created which protects the drawing from water, making it ideal for working with water colors or inking comics, among other graphic arts.

It is an innovative fountain pen that differs from the rest because of a unique advantage: its ability to keep the nib constantly moist, preventing the inks from drying out.

How does it achieve this? Using the advanced Indigraph patented technology, a water reservoir is provided in the upper part of the pen cap, separated by a custom-designed membrane, which allows the passage of moisture – but not water – and stops the nib from ever drying out. 

You can choose between different nibs. The most common EF and F for thinner lines, M and B for thicker lines. The nibs 1.1 and 1.4 for calligraphy. And the Fude nib is custom regrind using JOWO EF nib. 

 A fountain pen pack includes the Indigraph Pen (Schmidt K5 converter included) with a stainless steel Fude nib and 4ml of Indigraph India ink. 

Checkout a you-tube video here, drawing by Mateuse Urbanowicz with Indigraph fountain pen

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